The Paul Klebnikov Fund

About the Fund

He died for the Truth, and for Russia.

— Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Paul Klebnikov

The Paul Klebnikov Fund upholds the growth of civil society in Russia by supporting journalistic integrity, the rule of law and the preservation of its cultural heritage.

The Fund awards an annual Paul Klebnikov Prize for Excellence in Journalism to journalists whose work advances Paul's vision of journalism as a means of social growth. The Fund also grants internships to young Russian journalists and journalism students with major Western print and electronic media. Serge Schmemann, Editorial Page Editor of the International Herald Tribune, who is intimately acquainted with Russian journalism, has observed: "The best journalists in Russia today are mostly people who have had direct exposure to U.S. editing and reporting methods. Russia needs more like them."

The Fund also supports the preservation of Russia's cultural heritage with a special focus on architecture.